Adib Law Firm was founded in 1985, We represent clients in legal matters in Iranian and International Law.

Our practice focuses on complex commercial business transactions and litigation. We represent clients in major business matters nationally, regionally, and internationally.

Our Firm regularly handles significant commercial disputes in all of the Courts in Iran and for many years, handled a wide range of business related legal matters including the negotiation and drafting & review of contracts.

The disputes frequently involve multi-jurisdictional issues, and arise out of banking and finance, data protection, energy projects, construction and engineering, professional liability, insurance and reinsurance, competition and general commercial transactions.

The disputes team has wide-ranging judicial review experience. The disputes team also has long experience in all forms of alternative dispute resolution, with members including accredited mediators.

The work spans all key industries such as banking, finance, energy, the professions, insurance, tax, telecommunications and transport, and areas as diverse as price-fixing, anti-corruption, fraud, whistle-blowing, bidding practices, intellectual property rights and procurement policies. We also have experience of advising on data protection issues arising in the context of such investigations. The investigations have involved Iran specially in free zones.

Our goal is to provide the best legal representation available at a reasonable and fair cost to our clients.

We are proud of the high legal and ethical standards that have been established by our firm and the tradition of excellence which we work to maintain.

Our Law Firm is registered before the Foreign Embassies in Iran.

Major Clients


Producer of Metering Systems, France, Transferring of the shares from Schlumberger to Actaris in Iran for Abfar and Ski shares, also member of the board of directors of Abfar Co. on behaif of the Actaris shareholders, obtaining the license from OIETAI (Organization for Investment, Economic and Technological Assistance of Iran).

Armani: Italy, GEOX, SPA

Italian company leader in manufacturing and retailing shoes and apparel.
BNP Paribas: Swiss, S.A., legal work in relation to ship mortgages.
Cargill, International Cargo Trader, Switzerland, claiming damages from the shipping co about transportation.

Atlas Airlines

Defending of the case of Atlas airlines in the court.

BNP Paribas

Swiss, S.A., legal work in relation to ship mortgages.


International Cargo Trader, Switzerland, claiming damages from the shipping co about transportation.


Clothing Manufacturer, France, claiming against a debtor.


Financing Bank – Canada, legal opinion about the attachment of LC in the Iranian Courts.


Major Chinese Contractor, China, legal opinion on a contract with an Iranian organization.

Commerze Bank

Germany, regarding the loan to IRISL.

Emirates Bank

Financing Bank, Emirates, legal opinion.

FRP Japan

Import & Export Co., Japan, legal opinion.

Great Wall Drilling Company

Oil Company: China, Claiming for damage from the Insurance Co, related to the death of 5 Chinese personnel.

Grup Servicii Petroliere (GSP)

Romanian Oil Company, Regarding lifting of the arrest of a drilling rig.

Gulf Air

International Airline, Bahrain.

Hong Jing Enviro

Professional SpentCatalysts Recycler, Taiwan.

Iran Cooler

Preparing claims in Singapour International Arbitration Centre.


Metal Trading Group, UK.


Trading Company, Japan, legal opinion and legal advice about the company activities in Iran.

Natexis Banques Populaires

Financing Bank, France, legal opinion related to mortgage in Iran.

Neptune Seid

Claim against Iraqi Government in the United Nations (UN Compensation Commission).


Petroleum Construction Company, Emirates, legal opinion in contract terms.

Posco E & C

Engineering & Construction Firm, South Korea, legal advice.


Logistic Corporation, Kuwait, establishment in Iran and tasks related to purchasing land and gaining land transportation license.


Shipping Co., South Korea, legal opinion about shipping mortgage and the I.R. Iran laws.

Saudi Arabian Airlines

International Airlines, Saudi Arabia, legal opinion.

Societe General

Financing Bank, France, Contract related to the transfer of mortgage in the Iranian Notary Public.


Electronics, Japan, legal opinion about company branch in Iran.

Standard Hydrolica

Spanish Co.

Stock Exchange Organization

Claiming in the Iranian courts on behalf of a client.


Mercantile Company, Saudi Arabian Co, establishing a company in Iran.


Telecommunication Corporation, Lebonan.


Shipping Co., Germany, claim about transport and arrest of a vessel in the Iranian Port (Bandar Abbas).

Total South Pars

Oil Company, Iran, France, 2 claims in the Criminal Courtand the Revolutionary Court, completed October 2003.

Vereins Und Westbank

Financing Bank, Germany, loan agreement with Iran Azerbaijan.


Specialized in International Trade in the Middle East, Spain.

World Bank

Financing Bank, USA, answering questionnaires about Registration Office in Iran.


Telecommunications Corp., China, Contracts with different Iranian Organizations, labour contracts and legal opinion.