International and Domestic Law Firm

Adib Law Firm, is an International law firm founded in 1985. We provide top class legal services to many foreign and domestic clients. The firm has gained a reputation for its reliability and unique expertise in different fields of law.  Clients include major International Corporations, entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals. The cases handled by our firm frequently involve multi-jurisdictional issues. They can involve banking and finance, data protection, energy projects, construction and engineering, professional liability, insurance, and commercial transactions.
We handle both Domestic and International cases. The firm has a significant presence in all Courts of Iran.

We also negotiate, review, and draft contracts, especially contracts involving international commercial transactions. We provide essential legal consultation and devise a legal strategy especially geared toward our foreign clients.

We advise foreign clients in matters relating to investment.

We also have a worldwide presence and have the ability to present cases in different countries.

Like every good law firm, we rely on the combined experience of our lawyers.  We greatly value attention to detail and believe that establishing a good relationship with our clients is the key to success.   Therefore, clients who look for legal services comparable to what the best International law firms offer, find Adib Law Firm to be a reliable International level law firm. From the moment that we accept a case, clients feel the difference.

A strategy unique to each individual case is devised and carefully followed.  The level of organization, attention to detail, and ease of communication, has resulted in satisfied clients over the years.